Smart contracts are the core component to determine the content ownership in the entire ecosystem of Dragon Vein. The authorization to play a VR content can vary depending on the region, time, and so on, all of which make it possible to work with non-falsified smart contracts.

  • VR Content                                     
  • Consumers
  • VR Filming Equipments
  • Content Creator


The VR technology providers will provide creator a set of creation kit free of charge. Creators have done is to create and publish the content using the creation kit provided by the VR technology provider. We will give the VR technology providers and VR content makers certain TOKEN based on the purchase, playback and other parameters of the fingerprinted content.



Each DxBox have a bulit-in DVC account, or users can import a existed account.Sharing LAN idle computing power, bandwidth and storage through DvBox, users will obtain the DVC as reward.


As a unified currency of the Dragon Vein, DVC can be used to trade, rent and purchase content within the ecosystems, as well as customize your favorite content. DVC can be used to complete the distribution and promotion of VR content, intellectual property trading, intellectual property ownership confirmation, equipment trading, etc.





DragonVein launches its new VR+Blockchain product

September 5, 2018
SHANGHAI, Sept. 5, 2018  VlaVR, DragonVein’s exclusive subject of operation in China, signed strategic partnership with Nibiru, one of the world’s largest VR operation system suppliers of AI/AR/VR at the N+ International Technology Summit. Vlavr, as the partner of China Mobile in 5G application...

News from 913VR: DragonVein attends Mobile World Congress 2018 in Shanghai

June 30, 2018
News from one of the famous VR news media—913VR.com origin LINK: DragonVein attends Mobile World Congress 2018 in Shanghai

China Mobile Store visit

May 28, 2018
Yamamoto, the CEO of Dragonvein, and Tony Shum, the CMO, visited a China Mobile store. Now there are 5G exhibition events going on in some China Mobile stores, where you can try on the VR products of Dragonvein. Cooperation between China Mobile and DV is not only in 5G business expansion and exclusive dist...

Attended 2018 Shanghai Blockchain+ Industry development Conference

May 25, 2018
DragonVein was invited to the Blockchain+ Industry development Conference held by Shanghai Lingang area Science and Technology Innovation Center and Eastern National Centre for transfer of Technology, and Tony Shum, CMO, delivered a speech on site. As a government-launched event, many well-known blockchain...

The development of new VR product completed

May 5, 2018
We have completed the development of new VR product in aid of better VR experience.   VR Camera Type1 (working title) This portable VR Camera can easily deliver what the user experienced to every corner in the world  and demonstrate its power in a wider range of scenarios, for example shoot in a live ...

DragonVein Selected for China Mobile’s 5G Home Application Scenario Testing

May 3, 2018
In November 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China specified the 5G band and issued a notice to formally launch the third phase of the 5G technology R&D experiment, and strive to achieve commercial use of the 5G mobile communication network by ...

DragoVein DVBox attends Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona

April 1, 2018
From February 26th to March 1st, 2018, DragonVein blockchain project participated in the Mobile World Congress 2018. As one of the most important events of the mobile communication industry, DragonVein further demonstrated the application of 5G network home entertainment scenarios for operators. As a prest...

DragonVein project show up in China Mobile Worldwide Partner Conference 2017

November 26, 2017
From November 23 to 25, 2017, the DragonVein blockchain project was one of China Mobile’s global partners participating in the China Mobile Worldwide Partner Conference 2017. The China Mobile Global Partners Conference opened a total of ” Internet of Things,” “Smart government,̶...

DragonVein and China Central Television (CCTV) movie channel are going to build VR cinema

November 10, 2017
After the overheating of VR, the VR industry sought after by the investment community fanaticism now seems to become a lot of low-profile. Fortunately, however, the business model of VR+ cinemas is slowly emerging, breaking through the layout of traditional cinemas, and leaving VR movies that are experienc...

Business alliance with VLA VR

October 20, 2017
DragonVein not only provides VR platform through DVC and Internet, but also focuses on hardware development and development of VR industry. VLA VR is responsible for the development business line. In the DragonVein project cooperated with VLA VR, we signed a mutual exclusive contract at the beginning. We a...

The Dragon Vein project

October 18, 2017
The DragonVein project adopted block-chain technology to the world’s top VR hardware developed by VLA VR, and further developed the VR market. The Dragon Vein project, began in 2017, and further develops the VR market. Blockchain technology was introduced by Dragon Vein to change traditional central ...