DragonVein and China Central Television (CCTV) movie channel are going to build VR cinema

After the overheating of VR, the VR industry sought after by the investment community fanaticism now seems to become a lot of low-profile. Fortunately, however, the business model of VR+ cinemas is slowly emerging, breaking through the layout of traditional cinemas, and leaving VR movies that are experiencing difficulties. In the context of some cinema such as Wanda Films, Hengdian Group and VR collaborating to create a VR theater, China Central Television’s movie channel are negotiating with DrgonVein to discuss VR theaters under the cooperation.

According to the plan of the China Central Television Film Channel, it will establish the first offline VR cinema in Shanghai, China. DragonVein’s technological advantages make DragonVein a potential partner for the movie channel.

DragonVein’s technological advantages include:

  • The copyright management based on the blockchain system, with it’s tractable and unchangeable technical characteristics, makes the blockchain a powerful tool for copyright management. At the same time, DragonVein itself also has DRM copyright management, so that theaters do not have to worry about piracy.
  • The thinnest VR products: miniVR uses only one-fifth of the weight of mainstream high-end VR products to achieve the same performance. Users don’t feel uncomfortable for long-time use.
  • Low-cost VR playback equipment: The DVBox independently developed by DragonVein achieves the same VR processing capabilities as high-end PCs, significantly reducing deployment costs.

Through DragonVein’s technological superiority, combined with the contents of China Central Television’s movie channel and cinema resources, intent to create the most immersive viewing

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