DragonVein project show up in China Mobile Worldwide Partner Conference 2017

From November 23 to 25, 2017, the DragonVein blockchain project was one of China Mobile’s global partners participating in the China Mobile Worldwide Partner Conference 2017. The China Mobile Global Partners Conference opened a total of ” Internet of Things,” “Smart government,” “digital home,” “intelligent terminal,” “Mobile Internet,” “international operation,” “5G”, ” mass entrepreneurship and innovation” The eight exhibition areas. DragonVein demonstrated the application of 5G network home entertainment scenarios for operators, which sufficiently shows the muscular technical strength and ecological capabilities of DragonVein in the field of VR.

At this conference, DragonVein introduced and demonstrated a series of advanced technologies, products, and solutions. The main highlights include:

  • DragonVein DvBox: A home entertainment 5G intelligent gateway, with a powerful CPU which using the last big.LITTLE technology. In the overall performance, power consumption and chip size in three areas have a revolutionary upgrade.
  • DragonVein miniVR VR goggles: miniVR VR goggles are brighter and lighter than the mainstream VR headsets such as HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, and PSVR. Weight 105 grams, is 20% of the importance of the same type of product; high color gamut, high definition, extreme 800 + PPI bring super clear VR experience, suitable for a long time to wear.
  • DragonVein Blockchain Edge computing cloud VR solution: Using edge computing technology to improve the network latency. Cloud gaming solutions allow Dvbox to run PC games based on the cloud-computing without expensive high-performance PC.

Besides, based on the innovative products of DragonVein blockchain technology, DragonVein completed its first gorgeous appearance, showing high-experience and low-cost VR experience solutions to China Mobile and many significant partners, which has improved the development of VR industry.

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